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Integrative Health Practitioner
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Tim Fraser

Tim Fraser


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What We Offer

Clairvoyance and Spiritual Guidance

The cards are used as a basis for the reading during the session I receive information from my communicator in the form of evidence of survival or other spiritual guidance that may be given.

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I link into the Divine Healing source from Spirit.
The appropriate energy, light and colour vibrations are transmitted through me to you, which facilitate the activation of the body’s own healing mechanisms.

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Light and Colour are intimately linked with our well being. The mind and body respond to the vibrational energies of colours in many ways. The goal of Colour Therapy is to promote balance in the subtle anatomy which underpins the Psychological and physical natures.

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Only recently have we in the western world been allowed to discover some of the cherished secrets of indigenous Australians.

Discover some of Australia’s best kept secrets in the world of natural therapies.

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Many thanks for my reading you sent. I felt it was better than I expected & answered my questions & opened my eyes to my real self. I feel somehow different today almost a new person. I know spirit are frustrated with me & are trying to get through & visa versa & I blame this on the fact that I am always doing something gotta learn something, as I feel I either might miss something or I have wasted time. Is that weird or what? You are right, I do need to stop & meditate & take time to myself. I do meditate sometimes, even if it is just for a few mins. I even surround myself with angel cards a candle in the middle & a healing box next to it with names of people requesting healing.

I do feel I need some guidance to develop myself. This I have always found difficult due to my nature of not allowing anyone to control my life, thoughts etc. Therefore I have to take responsibility for my life & make my own decisions. (Maybe this is an area I need to look at)

Finally, again thank you. I don’t believe in coincidences & as I was scouring the net I came upon your name. I felt it was the right thing to do & I trusted it. You were the answer to the questions I was asking spirit.


I have recently attended one of Tim’s workshops where I spent the day learning and interacting with a truly wonderful group of spiritual people.

I especially enjoyed learning about colour healing. Tim taught us a method using colours to encourage the flow of information when communicating messages to people, something which I personally found to be of great assistance. The power healing and channelling we all took part in were amazing.

I found the workshop to be a most spiritual and rewarding learning experience. I would definitely recommend Tim’s workshops to anyone interested in spiritual development.
Well done Tim!!


I, Rev Dorothy Woodside, have known Tim Fraser for several years and he has performed several times on the platform of my Church, giving proof of Survival of Spirit.

I have no hesitation in asking Tim back to appear again.

Dorothy Woodside

Minister, Toowoomba Spiritualist Church

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